nltk.corpus.reader.cmudict module

The Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary [cmudict.0.6] Copyright 1998 Carnegie Mellon University

File Format: Each line consists of an uppercased word, a counter (for alternative pronunciations), and a transcription. Vowels are marked for stress (1=primary, 2=secondary, 0=no stress). E.g.: NATURAL 1 N AE1 CH ER0 AH0 L

The dictionary contains 127069 entries. Of these, 119400 words are assigned a unique pronunciation, 6830 words have two pronunciations, and 839 words have three or more pronunciations. Many of these are fast-speech variants.

Phonemes: There are 39 phonemes, as shown below:

Phoneme Example Translation Phoneme Example Translation ——- ——- ———– ——- ——- ———– AA odd AA D AE at AE T AH hut HH AH T AO ought AO T AW cow K AW AY hide HH AY D B be B IY CH cheese CH IY Z D dee D IY DH thee DH IY EH Ed EH D ER hurt HH ER T EY ate EY T F fee F IY G green G R IY N HH he HH IY IH it IH T IY eat IY T JH gee JH IY K key K IY L lee L IY M me M IY N knee N IY NG ping P IH NG OW oat OW T OY toy T OY P pee P IY R read R IY D S sea S IY SH she SH IY T tea T IY TH theta TH EY T AH UH hood HH UH D UW two T UW V vee V IY W we W IY Y yield Y IY L D Z zee Z IY ZH seizure S IY ZH ER

class nltk.corpus.reader.cmudict.CMUDictCorpusReader[source]

Bases: CorpusReader


the cmudict lexicon as a dictionary, whose keys are lowercase words and whose values are lists of pronunciations.


the cmudict lexicon as a list of entries containing (word, transcriptions) tuples.


a list of all words defined in the cmudict lexicon.