Source code for nltk.corpus.reader.cmudict

# Natural Language Toolkit: Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary Corpus Reader
# Copyright (C) 2001-2023 NLTK Project
# Author: Steven Bird <>
# URL: <>
# For license information, see LICENSE.TXT

The Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary [cmudict.0.6]
Copyright 1998 Carnegie Mellon University

File Format: Each line consists of an uppercased word, a counter
(for alternative pronunciations), and a transcription.  Vowels are
marked for stress (1=primary, 2=secondary, 0=no stress).  E.g.:

The dictionary contains 127069 entries.  Of these, 119400 words are assigned
a unique pronunciation, 6830 words have two pronunciations, and 839 words have
three or more pronunciations.  Many of these are fast-speech variants.

Phonemes: There are 39 phonemes, as shown below:

Phoneme Example Translation    Phoneme Example Translation
------- ------- -----------    ------- ------- -----------
AA      odd     AA D           AE      at      AE T
AH      hut     HH AH T        AO      ought   AO T
AW      cow     K AW           AY      hide    HH AY D
B       be      B IY           CH      cheese  CH IY Z
D       dee     D IY           DH      thee    DH IY
EH      Ed      EH D           ER      hurt    HH ER T
EY      ate     EY T           F       fee     F IY
G       green   G R IY N       HH      he      HH IY
IH      it      IH T           IY      eat     IY T
JH      gee     JH IY          K       key     K IY
L       lee     L IY           M       me      M IY
N       knee    N IY           NG      ping    P IH NG
OW      oat     OW T           OY      toy     T OY
P       pee     P IY           R       read    R IY D
S       sea     S IY           SH      she     SH IY
T       tea     T IY           TH      theta   TH EY T AH
UH      hood    HH UH D        UW      two     T UW
V       vee     V IY           W       we      W IY
Y       yield   Y IY L D       Z       zee     Z IY
ZH      seizure S IY ZH ER

from nltk.corpus.reader.api import *
from nltk.corpus.reader.util import *
from nltk.util import Index

[docs]class CMUDictCorpusReader(CorpusReader):
[docs] def entries(self): """ :return: the cmudict lexicon as a list of entries containing (word, transcriptions) tuples. """ return concat( [ StreamBackedCorpusView(fileid, read_cmudict_block, encoding=enc) for fileid, enc in self.abspaths(None, True) ] )
[docs] def words(self): """ :return: a list of all words defined in the cmudict lexicon. """ return [word.lower() for (word, _) in self.entries()]
[docs] def dict(self): """ :return: the cmudict lexicon as a dictionary, whose keys are lowercase words and whose values are lists of pronunciations. """ return dict(Index(self.entries()))
[docs]def read_cmudict_block(stream): entries = [] while len(entries) < 100: # Read 100 at a time. line = stream.readline() if line == "": return entries # end of file. pieces = line.split() entries.append((pieces[0].lower(), pieces[2:])) return entries