Sample usage for bleu

BLEU tests

>>> from nltk.translate import bleu

If the candidate has no alignment to any of the references, the BLEU score is 0.

>>> bleu(
...     ['The candidate has no alignment to any of the references'.split()],
...     'John loves Mary'.split(),
...     (1,),
... )

This is an implementation of the smoothing techniques for segment-level BLEU scores that was presented in Boxing Chen and Collin Cherry (2014) A Systematic Comparison of Smoothing Techniques for Sentence-Level BLEU. In WMT14. >>> from nltk.translate.bleu_score import sentence_bleu,SmoothingFunction

>>> sentence_bleu(
...     ['It is a place of quiet contemplation .'.split()],
...     'It is .'.split(),
...     smoothing_function=SmoothingFunction().method4,
... )*100