nltk.tag.mapping module

Interface for converting POS tags from various treebanks to the universal tagset of Petrov, Das, & McDonald.

The tagset consists of the following 12 coarse tags:

VERB - verbs (all tenses and modes) NOUN - nouns (common and proper) PRON - pronouns ADJ - adjectives ADV - adverbs ADP - adpositions (prepositions and postpositions) CONJ - conjunctions DET - determiners NUM - cardinal numbers PRT - particles or other function words X - other: foreign words, typos, abbreviations . - punctuation

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nltk.tag.mapping.tagset_mapping(source, target)[source]

Retrieve the mapping dictionary between tagsets.

>>> tagset_mapping('ru-rnc', 'universal') == {'!': '.', 'A': 'ADJ', 'C': 'CONJ', 'AD': 'ADV',            'NN': 'NOUN', 'VG': 'VERB', 'COMP': 'CONJ', 'NC': 'NUM', 'VP': 'VERB', 'P': 'ADP',            'IJ': 'X', 'V': 'VERB', 'Z': 'X', 'VI': 'VERB', 'YES_NO_SENT': 'X', 'PTCL': 'PRT'}
nltk.tag.mapping.map_tag(source, target, source_tag)[source]

Maps the tag from the source tagset to the target tagset.

>>> map_tag('en-ptb', 'universal', 'VBZ')
>>> map_tag('en-ptb', 'universal', 'VBP')
>>> map_tag('en-ptb', 'universal', '``')