nltk.misc.wordfinder module

nltk.misc.wordfinder.step(word, x, xf, y, yf, grid)[source]
nltk.misc.wordfinder.check(word, dir, x, y, grid, rows, cols)[source]
nltk.misc.wordfinder.wordfinder(words, rows=20, cols=20, attempts=50, alph='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ')[source]

Attempt to arrange words into a letter-grid with the specified number of rows and columns. Try each word in several positions and directions, until it can be fitted into the grid, or the maximum number of allowable attempts is exceeded. Returns a tuple consisting of the grid and the words that were successfully placed.

  • words (list) – the list of words to be put into the grid

  • rows (int) – the number of rows in the grid

  • cols (int) – the number of columns in the grid

  • attempts (int) – the number of times to attempt placing a word

  • alph (list) – the alphabet, to be used for filling blank cells

Return type