Zen Chatbot talks in gems of Zen wisdom.

This is a sample conversation with Zen Chatbot: ZC: Welcome, my child. me: Good afternoon. ZC: Ask the question you have come to ask. me: How can I achieve enlightenment? ZC: How do you suppose? me: Through meditation. ZC: Form is emptiness, and emptiness form. me: How can I empty my mind of worldly troubles? ZC: Will an answer to that really help in your search for enlightenment? me: Yes. ZC: It is better to be right than to be certain. me: I seek truth and wisdom. ZC: The search for truth is a long journey. me: Are you sure? ZC: Maybe sure, maybe not sure.

The chatbot structure is based on that of chat.eliza. Thus, it uses a translation table to convert from question to response i.e. “I am” –> “you are”

Of course, since Zen Chatbot does not understand the meaning of any words, responses are very limited. Zen Chatbot will usually answer very vaguely, or respond to a question by asking a different question, in much the same way as Eliza.[source][source]