A WordNet Browser application which launches the default browser (if it is not already running) and opens a new tab with a connection to http://localhost:port/ . It also starts an HTTP server on the specified port and begins serving browser requests. The default port is 8000. (For command-line help, run “python wordnet -h”) This application requires that the user’s web browser supports Javascript.

BrowServer is a server for browsing the NLTK Wordnet database It first launches a browser client to be used for browsing and then starts serving the requests of that and maybe other clients

Usage: -h [-s] [-p <port>]


-h or --help
    Display this help message.

-l <file> or --log-file <file>
    Logs messages to the given file, If this option is not specified
    messages are silently dropped.

-p <port> or --port <port>
    Run the web server on this TCP port, defaults to 8000.

-s or --server-mode
    Do not start a web browser, and do not allow a user to
    shutdown the server through the web interface.[source]