Source code for nltk.metrics.spearman

# Natural Language Toolkit: Spearman Rank Correlation
# Copyright (C) 2001-2022 NLTK Project
# Author: Joel Nothman <>
# URL: <>
# For license information, see LICENSE.TXT

Tools for comparing ranked lists.

def _rank_dists(ranks1, ranks2):
    """Finds the difference between the values in ranks1 and ranks2 for keys
    present in both dicts. If the arguments are not dicts, they are converted
    from (key, rank) sequences.
    ranks1 = dict(ranks1)
    ranks2 = dict(ranks2)
    for k in ranks1:
            yield k, ranks1[k] - ranks2[k]
        except KeyError:

[docs]def spearman_correlation(ranks1, ranks2): """Returns the Spearman correlation coefficient for two rankings, which should be dicts or sequences of (key, rank). The coefficient ranges from -1.0 (ranks are opposite) to 1.0 (ranks are identical), and is only calculated for keys in both rankings (for meaningful results, remove keys present in only one list before ranking).""" n = 0 res = 0 for k, d in _rank_dists(ranks1, ranks2): res += d * d n += 1 try: return 1 - (6 * res / (n * (n * n - 1))) except ZeroDivisionError: # Result is undefined if only one item is ranked return 0.0
[docs]def ranks_from_sequence(seq): """Given a sequence, yields each element with an increasing rank, suitable for use as an argument to ``spearman_correlation``. """ return ((k, i) for i, k in enumerate(seq))
[docs]def ranks_from_scores(scores, rank_gap=1e-15): """Given a sequence of (key, score) tuples, yields each key with an increasing rank, tying with previous key's rank if the difference between their scores is less than rank_gap. Suitable for use as an argument to ``spearman_correlation``. """ prev_score = None rank = 0 for i, (key, score) in enumerate(scores): try: if abs(score - prev_score) > rank_gap: rank = i except TypeError: pass yield key, rank prev_score = score