Contribute to NLTK

The Natural Language Toolkit exists thanks to the efforts of dozens of voluntary developers who have contributed functionality and bugfixes since the project began in 2000 (contributors).

In 2014 we are especially keen to improve NLTK coverage for: dependency parsing, machine translation, sentiment analysis, twitter processing.

New material in these areas will be covered in the second edition of the NLTK book, anticipated in 2015.

NLTK Core Developers

The NLTK project is led by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper. Individual packages are maintained by the following people:

Semantics:Dan Garrette, Austin, USA (nltk.sem, nltk.inference)
Parsing:Peter Ljunglöf, Gothenburg, Sweden (nltk.parse, nltk.featstruct)
Metrics:Joel Nothman, Sydney, Australia (nltk.metrics, nltk.tokenize.punkt)
Python 3:Mikhail Korobov, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Integration:Morten Minde Neergaard, Oslo, Norway
Releases:Steven Bird, Melbourne, Australia