Source code for nltk.test.unit.test_senna

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Unit tests for Senna

from __future__ import unicode_literals
from os import environ, path, sep

import logging
import unittest

from nltk.classify import Senna
from nltk.tag import SennaTagger, SennaChunkTagger, SennaNERTagger

# Set Senna executable path for tests if it is not specified as an environment variable
if 'SENNA' in environ:
    SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH = path.normpath(environ['SENNA']) + sep
    SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH = '/usr/share/senna-v3.0'

senna_is_installed = path.exists(SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH)

[docs]@unittest.skipUnless(senna_is_installed, "Requires Senna executable") class TestSennaPipeline(unittest.TestCase): """Unittest for nltk.classify.senna"""
[docs] def test_senna_pipeline(self): """Senna pipeline interface""" pipeline = Senna(SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH, ['pos', 'chk', 'ner']) sent = 'Dusseldorf is an international business center'.split() result = [ (token['word'], token['chk'], token['ner'], token['pos']) for token in pipeline.tag(sent) ] expected = [ ('Dusseldorf', 'B-NP', 'B-LOC', 'NNP'), ('is', 'B-VP', 'O', 'VBZ'), ('an', 'B-NP', 'O', 'DT'), ('international', 'I-NP', 'O', 'JJ'), ('business', 'I-NP', 'O', 'NN'), ('center', 'I-NP', 'O', 'NN'), ] self.assertEqual(result, expected)
[docs]@unittest.skipUnless(senna_is_installed, "Requires Senna executable") class TestSennaTagger(unittest.TestCase): """Unittest for nltk.tag.senna"""
[docs] def test_senna_tagger(self): tagger = SennaTagger(SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH) result = tagger.tag('What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow ?'.split()) expected = [ ('What', 'WP'), ('is', 'VBZ'), ('the', 'DT'), ('airspeed', 'NN'), ('of', 'IN'), ('an', 'DT'), ('unladen', 'NN'), ('swallow', 'NN'), ('?', '.'), ] self.assertEqual(result, expected)
[docs] def test_senna_chunk_tagger(self): chktagger = SennaChunkTagger(SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH) result_1 = chktagger.tag('What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow ?'.split()) expected_1 = [ ('What', 'B-NP'), ('is', 'B-VP'), ('the', 'B-NP'), ('airspeed', 'I-NP'), ('of', 'B-PP'), ('an', 'B-NP'), ('unladen', 'I-NP'), ('swallow', 'I-NP'), ('?', 'O'), ] result_2 = list(chktagger.bio_to_chunks(result_1, chunk_type='NP')) expected_2 = [ ('What', '0'), ('the airspeed', '2-3'), ('an unladen swallow', '5-6-7'), ] self.assertEqual(result_1, expected_1) self.assertEqual(result_2, expected_2)
[docs] def test_senna_ner_tagger(self): nertagger = SennaNERTagger(SENNA_EXECUTABLE_PATH) result_1 = nertagger.tag('Shakespeare theatre was in London .'.split()) expected_1 = [ ('Shakespeare', 'B-PER'), ('theatre', 'O'), ('was', 'O'), ('in', 'O'), ('London', 'B-LOC'), ('.', 'O'), ] result_2 = nertagger.tag('UN headquarters are in NY , USA .'.split()) expected_2 = [ ('UN', 'B-ORG'), ('headquarters', 'O'), ('are', 'O'), ('in', 'O'), ('NY', 'B-LOC'), (',', 'O'), ('USA', 'B-LOC'), ('.', 'O'), ] self.assertEqual(result_1, expected_1) self.assertEqual(result_2, expected_2)