Source code for nltk.test.unit.test_2x_compat

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Unit tests for nltk.compat.
See also nltk/test/compat.doctest.
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
import unittest

from nltk.text import Text
from nltk.compat import PY3, python_2_unicode_compatible

[docs]def setup_module(module): from nose import SkipTest if PY3: raise SkipTest("test_2x_compat is for testing nltk.compat under Python 2.x")
[docs]class TestTextTransliteration(unittest.TestCase): txt = Text(["São", "Tomé", "and", "Príncipe"])
[docs] def test_repr(self): self.assertEqual(repr(self.txt), br"<Text: S\xe3o Tom\xe9 and Pr\xedncipe...>")
[docs] def test_str(self): self.assertEqual(str(self.txt), b"<Text: Sao Tome and Principe...>")
[docs]class TestFraction(unittest.TestCase):
[docs] def test_unnoramlize_fraction(self): from fractions import Fraction as NativePythonFraction from nltk.compat import Fraction as NLTKFraction # The native fraction should throw a TypeError in Python < 3.5 with self.assertRaises(TypeError): NativePythonFraction(0, 1000, _normalize=False) # Using nltk.compat.Fraction in Python < 3.5 compat_frac = NLTKFraction(0, 1000, _normalize=False) # The numerator and denominator does not change. assert compat_frac.numerator == 0 assert compat_frac.denominator == 1000 # The floating point value remains normalized. assert float(compat_frac) == 0.0 # Checks that the division is not divided by # # by greatest common divisor (gcd). six_twelve = NLTKFraction(6, 12, _normalize=False) assert six_twelve.numerator == 6 assert six_twelve.denominator == 12 one_two = NLTKFraction(1, 2, _normalize=False) assert one_two.numerator == 1 assert one_two.denominator == 2 # Checks against the native fraction. six_twelve_original = NativePythonFraction(6, 12) # Checks that rational values of one_two and six_twelve is the same. assert float(one_two) == float(six_twelve) == float(six_twelve_original) # Checks that the fraction does get normalized, even when # _normalize == False when numerator is using native # fractions.Fraction.from_float assert NLTKFraction(3.142, _normalize=False) == NativePythonFraction(3.142)