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# Natural Language Toolkit: Teen Chatbot
# Copyright (C) 2001-2018 NLTK Project
# Author: Selina Dennis <>
# URL: <>
# For license information, see LICENSE.TXT

This chatbot is a tongue-in-cheek take on the average teen
anime junky that frequents YahooMessenger or MSNM.
All spelling mistakes and flawed grammar are intentional.
from __future__ import print_function

from import Chat

reflections = {
    "am"     : "r",
    "was"    : "were",
    "i"      : "u",
    "i'd"    : "u'd",
    "i've"   : "u'v",
    "ive"    : "u'v",
    "i'll"   : "u'll",
    "my"     : "ur",
    "are"    : "am",
    "you're" : "im",
    "you've" : "ive",
    "you'll" : "i'll",
    "your"   : "my",
    "yours"  : "mine",
    "you"    : "me",
    "u"      : "me",
    "ur"     : "my",
    "urs"    : "mine",
    "me"     : "u"

# Note: %1/2/etc are used without spaces prior as the chat bot seems
# to add a superfluous space when matching.

pairs = (
    (r'I\'m (.*)',
    ( "ur%1?? that's so cool! kekekekeke ^_^ tell me more!",
      "ur%1? neat!! kekeke >_<")),

    (r'(.*) don\'t you (.*)',
    ( "u think I can%2??! really?? kekeke \<_\<",
      "what do u mean%2??!",
      "i could if i wanted, don't you think!! kekeke")),

    (r'ye[as] [iI] (.*)',
    ( "u%1? cool!! how?",
      "how come u%1??",
      "u%1? so do i!!")),

    (r'do (you|u) (.*)\??',
    ( "do i%2? only on tuesdays! kekeke *_*",
      "i dunno! do u%2??")),

    ( "man u ask lots of questions!",
      "booooring! how old r u??",
      "boooooring!! ur not very fun")),

    (r'(cos|because) (.*)',
    ( "hee! i don't believe u! >_<",
      "nuh-uh! >_<",
      "ooooh i agree!")),

    (r'why can\'t [iI] (.*)',
    ( "i dunno! y u askin me for!",
      "try harder, silly! hee! ^_^",
      "i dunno! but when i can't%1 i jump up and down!")),

    (r'I can\'t (.*)',
    ( "u can't what??! >_<",
      "that's ok! i can't%1 either! kekekekeke ^_^",
      "try harder, silly! hee! ^&^")),

    (r'(.*) (like|love|watch) anime',
    ( "omg i love anime!! do u like sailor moon??! ^&^",
      "anime yay! anime rocks sooooo much!",
      "oooh anime! i love anime more than anything!",
      "anime is the bestest evar! evangelion is the best!",
      "hee anime is the best! do you have ur fav??")),

    (r'I (like|love|watch|play) (.*)',
    ( "yay! %2 rocks!",
      "yay! %2 is neat!",
      "cool! do u like other stuff?? ^_^")),

    (r'anime sucks|(.*) (hate|detest) anime',
    ( "ur a liar! i'm not gonna talk to u nemore if u h8 anime *;*",
      "no way! anime is the best ever!",
      "nuh-uh, anime is the best!")),

    (r'(are|r) (you|u) (.*)',
    ( "am i%1??! how come u ask that!",
      "maybe!  y shud i tell u?? kekeke >_>")),

    (r'what (.*)',
    ( "hee u think im gonna tell u? .v.",
      "booooooooring! ask me somethin else!")),

    (r'how (.*)',
    ( "not tellin!! kekekekekeke ^_^",)),

    (r'(hi|hello|hey) (.*)',
    ( "hi!!! how r u!!",)),

    ( "mom says i have to go eat dinner now :,( bye!!",
      "awww u have to go?? see u next time!!",
      "how to see u again soon! ^_^")),

    ( "ur funny! kekeke",
      "boooooring! talk about something else! tell me wat u like!",
      "do u like anime??",
      "do u watch anime? i like sailor moon! ^_^",
      "i wish i was a kitty!! kekekeke ^_^"))

iesha_chatbot = Chat(pairs, reflections)

[docs]def iesha_chat(): print("Iesha the TeenBoT\n---------") print("Talk to the program by typing in plain English, using normal upper-") print('and lower-case letters and punctuation. Enter "quit" when done.') print('='*72) print("hi!! i'm iesha! who r u??!") iesha_chatbot.converse()
[docs]def demo(): iesha_chat()
if __name__ == "__main__": demo()